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What has been your experience of breathing exercises?

Such as Pranayam involving inhaling through one nostril and exhaling-inhaling through other ... What effects you have noticed on your physical, mental and emotional health? (Powered...

Why do breathing and heart rate remain elevated after exercise stops?

One measrue of physical fitness is a "step test," in which a subject steps us on a low platform and then back down (one...

Will breathing exercise help flatten my stomache or would I have to do more?

I dont have time for regular sit ups I go to school plus run a household (Powered by Yahoo Answers)

how does breathing come back to normal after exercise?

Related to Biology. How breathing increases during exercise and how it comes back to normal after exercise(rest) ? (Powered by Yahoo Answers)

Can poor posture restrict your breathing during exercise?

Can poor posture restrict your breathing during exercise? At the gym I notice feelings of a tight chest. This is not a "my heart hurts"...