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What do you think of my new better pokemon team?

Any suggestions? Need item suggestions if can please. All level 100. Electivire ev 255 attack, 255 speed Cross Chop Ice Punch Thunder Punch Earthquake Milotic ev 255 special attack, 255 speed Surf Ice...

Pokemon Heart Gold – Which pkmn is better to keep?

I'm not sure who to keep in party. I can't choose between Lapras and my red Gyrados. My Lapras can use both Ice and...

Psychic powers….I'm getting better with telling the future but need help with other abilities?

I know psychic abilities are real because i can see into the future and in some ways using telepathy...anyways I want to learn telekinesis...Anyone...

how can i get faster or better at reading Auras?

its a little weird when i get caught staring at someones forhead, will i get faster, will i get better, how when?

Is it better to have psychic powers, or have oblivion where you don't notice spirits?

Explain what condition your in, and see if it makes a difference.

How can I get better at self-hypnosis and meditation?

Does anyone have any tips or articles on this subject? How deep into self-hypnosis/meditation have you gone? How can I go into a deeper...

Does meditation really make you a better fighter?

I always thought it was hard physical training and the will to become better is what make you a great martial artist. I personally...

What race has better strength and health in the game world of warcraft, a shaman or a death knight?

I have a shaman dranei how ever u spell it, and i have recently made a night elf death knight, i am torn between...