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What were Albert Einstein's view on God or a belief in a higher being in general, his view on religion ?

Just wondering b/c there seems to be a lot of conflicting stories. Ofcourse he was a man of science and one of the smartest...

Ego, belief and self awareness – can we ever see life from another's point of view? Is is pointless to try?

If we truly BELIEVE something (whether it be scientific or spiritual) is it even possible to see another point of view? Should we even...

Socrates belief about what makes a human being?

According to Socrates are men free moral agents? What does it mean to be a human being in the fullest sense?

Who Is Lao Tzu and what did he do or belief in?

My friend asked me, but i dont know ill like to help her please guys thanks

What is the core belief of 'Thelema Tradition' and do you unknowingly practice it?


Someone describe "θέλημα" ('Thelema') to me? what is the belief?

give me as much details as you know 🙂 i am very interested in this subject and would like to know as much as...