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Can we look at the aura of a human being with naked eye? Are you aware of any body doing that?

I have read that there is 'aura' around every human being and discernable by a few? Do we need 'extra sensory perception' to view...

A spiritual question: In the cycle of life of being and becoming…are the two the same thing on some level?

If so can you explain? I have always thought that Being is true Self while Becoming is the nature of ego. http://www.youtube.com/user/burtharding#p/search/10/wD5Wl1Nc6kg http://www.youtube.com/user/burtharding#p/search/14/DKV0RSlUcUE I love watching Burt's videos...they...

Did Socrates have a profession other than being a philosopher?

And if not, how did he make enough of a living if a lot of people dismissed him as a crazy old dreamer?

I think my psychic powers are being blocked.?

My psychic powers are blocked whenever I am around my science teacher. Any ideas on how to get around the block?

Christians: If God is a Spiritual being that is on a higher level of consciousness then humans why…?

Is this God obsessed with things of a physical nature and seemingly in the bible so physical in the rewards of a heaven or...

Is it just my third eye being open?

I am wiccan and I just started a coven. One of the members of it is telling my that its just my third eye...

What does it mean by being under psychic attack?

And what can you do to solve it?