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Does anyone know how to become a psychic medium?

can you help me? plz dont give me any crappy answers

Can/ How can I become a Medium/Psychic/ESP?

Can I become a medium, psychic, or ESP/Magick Shaman man. If I can, how do I? BTW- I'm a christian no anti-christian stuff please Thanks no no...

"How do you practice spirituality or become your Divine self in all areas of your life?"?

If your intention for each day, or even for the beginning of each day, is to be your Divine self or higher self, or...

If nobody wants to become like Jesus or Socrates,then why we study about them in schools?

People want to become celebrities or rockstar,that's the truth and everybody knows no one wants to become like them.One more question,why people start opposing...

Is there anyway one can become a succubus, like a real succubus?

I'm bored at work and just interested if one wants to become a succubus how would they go about doing so?

how did albert einstein become a famouse scientist?

How did Albert Einstein become a famouse scientist? please explain how, What did he do (inventon or something) that made him a famouse scientist, i...

Has Buddha in some forms of Buddhist become a god for them ?

I just knowest and heard terms that put Buddha equal with Jesus or other gods worship in modern times. Do you agree or disagree...