where does earth get its energy to keep revolving around the sun?

we know that earth revolves around the sun due to sun's gravitational force. if earth has to resist this pull, then it should have...

Do you think less complex, conscious beings envy our more complex consciousness?

...assuming that a lower conscious being could somehow interpret and express that envy? Like, would you say--metaphysically and hypothetically speaking--when you walk through a forest,...

What has caused the misperception that Buddhism supports reincarnation?

The basic teaching of Buddhism is no self and the buddha developed the concept of 'rebirth' as a direct contrast to the concept of...

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Achieve Psychic Intuition By Clairvoyant Meditation

You do not have to go to a professional psychic to receive spiritual messages for yourself. You can do it on your own. You possess a powerful tool within yourself that can significantly improve your daily living. Clairvoyance allows us to see things on a spiritual level. With it, we can vividly see our past, present and future. Many of us has already experienced clairvoyance at some point in our lives.

Kundalini : The Evolutionary Energy in Man – Gopi Krishna

This is one of the classic Interviews with Gopi Krishna, an ordinary Indian householder who, at the age of thirty-four, after years of unsupervised meditation, suddenly experienced the awakening of kundalini during his morning practice.He subsequently became the inspired writer of numerous books in which he shared his insights with others.