How can I find a more authentic school for Tai Chi?

I dislike Americanized forms of Martial Arts (No offense and not all). How can I find a class in Tai Chi that's more authentic...

What are some of the different abilities Shamans can have?

This has NOTHING to do with "World of Warcraft". -_- Anyways, i know some shaman can see the future, all of them can see spirits,...

If astrology is real does it cancel out the possibility of other religions?

I know astrology isn't a religion. not saying it is. I'm not saying I believe in it either. I'm just curious.

If you were born with no psychic powers or born a medium, can you learn/practice to become one?

Is there a way you could practice to become a medium?.. Like, you know how people keep studying and finally become able to interpret dreams?...

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