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Reading Avatar auras?

I thought for a bit of fun i would read the "auras" of anyones avatar who would like it done. I have already...

Is reading auras against the rules?

I read auras. It's just something I've done for a while. But on the other hand I have recently become christian. I don't consider...

how can i get faster or better at reading Auras?

its a little weird when i get caught staring at someones forhead, will i get faster, will i get better, how when?

Halo's or auras?

In many catholic pictures such as this one... http://www.crossroadsinitiative.com/pics/catholic-saints.jpg The saints appear with orbs of light around their heads. They are not angels, correct? So are...

Question about reading auras?

When you are concentrating on someone to see their aura, should everything around the person, including their face be invisible ((not like see through..just...blurry,...