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What exactly is astrology? Like is it a fun hobby?

What is astrology all about, and like what do you do with it, and is it fun?

Astrology: among all the systems which one do you think is most reliable?

we have at least a dozen different systems of astrology / foretelling etc, the tarrot, Zodiac, Indian Astrology, Islamic moon based, chinese, Palmistry... etc.,...

How to predict numbers using astrology?

How to predict numbers using other ways stars, phycic stuff or any kmown methods. Thank you

Why Do Religious People Believe In Astrology, Horoscopes, Psychics?

When that has nothing to do with religion. The rotation of the Earth has nothing to do with the attitude and philosophy of humans....

Isn't astrology and burning candles and saying strange prayers frowned upon by God?

A woman had brought evil spirits with her into her home. . and some chic advised her to say some strange prayer, burn candles,...

Can you be a REAL Christian and believe in astrology?

Isn't that a form of divination? Do you trust in God or in the stars?

Those who believe in astrology, whats your reason for doing so?

I'm just curious... Just tell me you story, how you discovered astrology, what its given to you and just WHY you believe in it.