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What Happens If You Break The Silver Cord During Astral Travel

In-depth explanation of what the Silver Cord is, how it works, and why it can never be severed. Understanding this will kill your fears, and let you astral project and travel with confidence.

Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid dreaming, Techniques

Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid dreaming Techniques and Deepening an out-of-body experience

How To Know When You’re About To Astral Project

A description of common astral projection exit symptoms and related phenomena, including childhood OBE experiences and how this can affect your efforts to achieve OBE as an adult.

How To Have An Out Of Body Experience Introduction

Irrespective of your level of meditation capability, you may be interested in discovering that certain brainwaves make out of body experiences more plausible, and there are meditations to transport your brain into this kind of state. This is a real technique to aid you! The brain, like anything else, vibrates at certain frequencies, which generate certain chemical processes. You could very well have heard of the alpha, theta, and delta waves as we experience nightly sleep. There are analaguous brain waves for every state, including the out of body experience

What exactly is Astral Projection or Astral Travelling?

I just know its something with which you can float around or something. What exactly is it? Is this a real thing? If yes,...

Astral projection and how to do it?

Hey guys of yahoo! I just found out about astral project recently and I'm 13 yrs old. I can get into the sleep paralysis...

How Do you Get Past The Vibration Stage in Astral Projection?

I've can never get past it. I just stay there fo like 10 mins, I might get a light feeling, like i'm about to...

In astral projection is it a lucid dream or can I go wherever I want? Basically what is the astral plane?

Well I haven't practiced much but today i've tried twice, i've been meditating but I just tried AP, though i've known of it for...