What is your opinion of Aleister Crowley?

"Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law"

What is your opinion on Aleister Crowley?

He was the first Englishman to found a religion - Thelema - which is today a recognized faith around the world. Because of Thelema...

Aleister Crowley overrated?

I, like a lot of people, like aleister crowley and his teachings. However, it occurred to me that some people probably think of him...

Aleister Crowley question/ Why did Crowley recommend that his students talk backwards, walk backwards,etc?

why did Aleister Crowley recommend people should talk backwards, walk backwards and play records bacwards? I just was curious as to what...

Best book by Aleister Crowley?

I'm thinking of purchasing an Aleister Crowley book. The library doesn't have any. Does any body know which of his books are the most fascinating?

What is Aleister Crowley's best book to study?

I already have The Book Of Lies and am getting 777

Was Aleister Crowley's biggest weakness not that he was somehow 'evil,' but that he was a terrible salesman?

His writtings are far too full of inside jokes, numerology, dead languages like Latin, and bad puns that are so obscure that most people...

How the hell Aleister Crowley went bankrupted??? how did he go penniless?

I don't like this guy because he contributed to universal evil, but when his father died, he left his wicked son his inheritance, and...


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