Tachyon, what is it.?

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String theory, conserning Bosons.

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Tachyon is a theoretical particle that moves faster than the speed of light


To kinow that tach6y means fast, it just means fast partical.
I believe that this is a partical that can travel faster than light.
I was told that the less energy it has, the **faster** it can go.
It’s wierd stuff.

Sameer S

as mentioned already, it’s a particle that travels faster than the speed of light.
it has never been observed to exist, and is only theoretical.
It has some awesome properties though (theorized). For instance, on the visualization of a Tachyon:
“Since that object moves faster than the speed of light we can not see it approaching. Only after a tachyon has passed nearby, we could see two images of the tachyon, appearing and departing in opposite directions. The black line is the shock wave of Cherenkov radiation. It is shown only in one moment at time.”


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a theoretical particle that caused physicists some problems in the bosonic theory. It was predicted in that theory that there would be a certain particle, whose mass squared would be negative, and would therefore travel faster than the speed of light. The tachyon does not exist in later string theory equations.


A tachyon (from the Greek ταχύς (takhús), meaning “swift, fast”) is any hypothetical particle that travels at superluminal velocity. The first description of tachyons is attributed to German physicist Arnold Sommerfeld, but it was George Sudarshan, Olexa-Myron Bilaniuk[1][2] and Gerald Feinberg[3] (who originally coined the term) in the 1960s who advanced a theoretical framework for their study. Tachyons have recurred in a variety of contexts, such as string theory. In the language of special relativity, a tachyon is a particle with space-like four-momentum and imaginary proper time. A tachyon is constrained to the space-like portion of the energy-momentum graph. Therefore, it can never slow to light speed or below. To date, the existence of tachyons has been neither confirmed nor explicitly ruled out.


It does not exist..it is a figment of scientists’ overactive imaginations.It probably does in star-trek though, like wharp drive,transporter,replicator,universal translator,transparent aluminum…etc,etc…


I’m sure its a character from a Terry Pratchett book – Johnny & the Bomb. Mrs Tachyon who travells through time with the aid of a shopping trolley.


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