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tachyon event horizon?

send in satellites that would go past the normal photon mark then send back tachyon signals out of the tachyon event horizon mark.
where can I find information on this links
I know that tachyons dont exists they are just standard model particles that has been made up just because there ARE black holes there all you yahoos. and to that bottom buy saying “oh how do you expect to get you satellites back”
well I wont get the satellites back they will be sacrificed satellites to do their job of seeing a portion of a event horizon


  1. thats a premise for a sci-fi story- why don’t you write it?
    of course, just getting info back from a black hole is interesting, but hardly a plot. You need characters adn conflict, too. Personally, I would suggest some quasi-religious group trying to stop the scientists… blend in some militia elements…
    just don’t have a throw away comic relief like Jar Jar or HAL, okay?
    post it and send me an email so I can read it.
    PS… tachyons are theoretical particles, as yet undetected.

  2. A tachyon is a theoretical particle that is traveling faster than light speed (Contrary to popular thinking, this is allowed by Einstein’s theories but the particle could never drop to sub-light speed.)
    Any type of matter, including tachyon particles, could accrete into a large enough mass to become a Black Hole. Then it would have an event horizon.

  3. the normal photon mark? did you just made that up?
    and tachyons arent real, theyre a nice idea but no particle has been found with an imaginary mass and a lower limit of c for its velocity.
    and ill assume this photon mark is the farthest distance photons have reached. if so, how do you expect to send satellites past there since nothing can travel at c.


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