Tachyon. Does it exist?

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Gavin T

Fast moving sub atomic particle. Travels faster than light apparently. I say no…


Probably. But how are we going to detect it with sub-light equipment?


Tachyons were predicted by a now obsolete physics theory. There are no solid theories that currently depend on tachyons. It is still possible that they exist, however, we have no direct or indirect evidence toward their existence.


well as Tachyons are meant to be subatomic particles they must have mass and anything with mass can not travel any faster then the speed of light so no i don’t think they exist


With the technology we now have, it is still impossible to prove the tachyon’s existence. For now, it’s strictly theoretical.

Simon D

Theoretically. 😉 Serious research into superluminal velocities is a reality.
I’ve got one in a jar on my desk. Wanna buy it?


If a tachyon falls in a forest and nobody’s equipment can detect it, does it make a sound?
I’d go with Ockham’s Razor on this one.


Tachyons are hypothetical particles that travel faster than the speed of light, something that Einstein (and most other physicists) say is impossible. The actual existence of such particles would create interesting problems for physics. I’m not sure why, but scientists who think about such things claim that if they exist, then reducing their speed would increase their energy, and that could lead to a runaway catstrophe.
Recently tachyons have been mentioned in connection with string theory. They are one of the permitted vibrations which create the elementary particles that we can observe in particle accelerators.

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