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symptoms of thyroid problem but negative blood test?

Recently had tests for thyroid problems, runs in my family on both sides and have been really cold all the time, putting on weight really quicklyand suffering total energy crashes. Blood tests came back as negative and doctors reaction was to put me on diet pills ….! Do reasonable amount of exercise (netball & rugby) and eat ok so don’t think weight is the problem, anyone know something else that causes these things?
Am getting fed up with wearing jumpers and sleeping all the time!


  1. You should get another blood test. One blood test is often not enough for reliable results…
    And you should get checked for sex hormones as well (estraidol, progesterone, LH, FSH, androgens). Weight gain might originate from water retention if you’re eating OK, as well as the loss of energy… PCOS (PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome) is also a condition in which you have unexplained weight gain, excess hair growth and possibly new acne.
    Being cold as well as feeling weak might also suggest a circulation problem – get your blood pressure checked, before and after exercise as well to test your fitness. Some circulation problems also cause water retention which leads to weight gain.
    I assume you are female(?), but it would help to know how old you are…. You could have a great number of things with these symptoms, ranging from “normal” to “serious” – please go back to your doctor and tell him to look at you again! It is your body and your health, it’s your doctor’s duty to take care of it. Good luck!!

  2. Hello,
    The problems might be seriously or just a problems of Mal diets problem will depend on your more detail data that you have perform like, the blood test, hormonal test, your blood type as well as what you are eating and drink daily.
    In some cases, the food that increased the some hormonal body will have symptoms like thyroid problems.
    The over dosage of some vitamins are also perform the symptoms.
    The environment poisoning are also lead the body to the poor metabolism can cause sleeping all the time.
    So, we may come into more analyze into what cause will be answer the question instead of just having the blood test.
    Hope this may give you an idea.

  3. I can sympathize with you. About 3 years ago I started to want to do nothing but lay around and sleep. I finally went to my new doctor and told her she had to find out what the problem was. She asked me if I had ever had depression. I told her yes before they diagnosed my thyroid problem 20+ years before. She put me on prozac and all that did was make my head pound. Then the TSH levels came back as being way too high. What did your doctor say when she told you”the thyroid test were negative”. That’s ridiculous. Your tsh levels need to be from .3 to 3.0. Anything else is going to make you hypothyroid. I have to be at .3 or less. The doctor needs to explain all the test to you in more depth. You have a right to know and I’d also ask for the name of a endocrinologist. These problems can effect you whole life. After awhile you will be extremely depressed. Make that doctor give you all the details. Telling you it was negative is ludicrous.
    Hope you find out what’s going on.

  4. Have yourself checked again and again and again. There are many possiblities for the symptoms you decribed and all should be checked. Some possibilities are pregnancy, lupus, hormone imbalance, mononucleousis, etc.

  5. I’m hypothyroid. I had to be tested over and over, and nothing showed until I got fed up and went to a different doctor who did a T3 and T4 uptake, there is a different test to measure, there’s a standard one then a specialiazed one, he did the special one and it showed that my function was too low. He also said that even the normal levels on normal tests can not be normal for a person’s individual body as well. You might need to see a rheumatologist to get a better opinion and test.

  6. I agree with the girl who told you about the specialized test for hypothyroid….There are 12 thyroid hormones and the standard test tests for one. But be careful, the special test usually isn’t covered by insurance (go figure). Also, I found out the hard way, a few years back, that birth control pills can mask the positive thyroid result in the standard test. Unfortunately, all we can do is keep pursuing it with different doctors. Your symptoms are right on with Hypothyroidism, so keep plugging away! Good Luck.

  7. I would like some advice as to what tests to ask my doctor to carry out. They insist there is nothing wrong. I have had 5 TSH tests 3 high but the latest 2 were ‘within normal range’ (a different surgery and area – UK). The responses I had from 3 different doctors for the high readings were, “it is probably a glitch…” “…it is complicated so I am not going to treat you” and the best, “…well it is high but I am not doing anything about it so dont bother me again…”. Why are doctors so reluctant to acknowledge hypothyroidism? Symptoms are becoming severe especially the depression, coldness – av.35.3 over 2 week period, lethargy, anxiety, weight gain, hair loss and sleep problems etc. I do interval training and walk every day and eat a low carb diet but dont lose weight. Any advice would be appreciated as to what to ask my doctor. Thank you


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