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Sylvia Browne?

This is not a question. I just wanted to say that I used to not believe in all of Sylvia’s work. I then started to see spirits-no I don’t have any mental illnesses! I tryed her mediation exercises in one of her early books. At first I just felt a calm about me. I didn’t see anything. As soon as I stopped trying to see-It all came flooding into me. I can now see more clear then ever. If you look at the hate sites on Sylvia- they all have her words there, after it they twist her words or add more to it to make it out to be something else. That’s not fair. She might not always finish her statements when cut off by non believers but if you are able to watch her face you can clearly see. I just saw a website talking about the miners in West Virginia. It said Sylvia said they all were alive. She never said it. She started to say yea they all-and then she was cut off by the interviewer. The website then went on to add to her words while twisting it all. All I have to say is Karma


  1. That is true she is very real. I too have a lot of her books and I have read them. If you really have a clear mind then her exercises will work. That is true these people should not do that to her it unfair. I totally agree.

  2. I have seen her a few times on shows like Larry King and Montel Williams and wasn’t overly impressed. I felt that her answers were extremely vague and predictable, basically just telling the people what they wanted to hear. I also didn’t hear any factual evidence of psychic ability

  3. I think Sylvia Brown has a clairvoyant ability, but I think she abuses it. She charges hundreds of dollars for PHONE CALLS with people and even more for one on one readings. If she really knew anything about the spirit, she wouldn’t use her gift to suck tons of money out of people. A gift like that should be used to help people and educate. I know she needs to make a living, but she is just ridiculously overpriced. Furthermore, heaven is not what she claims it is and animals do NOT come back as ghosts or go to heaven. I think she misunderstands a lot of what she sees. But, I do think she can be a good help in terms of helping police fight crime.


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