Survey : HELP ! AM I DEAD?

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I feel not here. I think I died in my last sleep. I have extra sensory perceptions happening and visitations aural visual and sensory.
Lots of voices.
Extreme sadness outbursts of laughter. Intense anxieties.
I dont feel like the me I know well. Everything is very weird.
Everywhere is plain white. And silent. AM I DEAD ???
How do I tell a doctor I have felt and experienced feeling DEAD ? Its no use going to a doctor if youre dead .
Is schizophrenia feeling dead ?
Krysoprase is nice !
I wish I was feeling real.
Are you all my angels. ?

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could be the onset of schitzophrenia, see a doc!

Laureen Anne

You’re still on line. You must be slightly alive.

Big Daddy

post your phone number and we’ll call you to see if you answer. that will be the proof. PS: dont answer if you are dead.

Holly K

I recommend contacting your doctor. I am sure he/she can help determine if you’re dead. Doctors are wonderful at helping figure out life’s mysteries. Make sure you tell the doctor about your new extra sensory perception. Maybe he/she will want to write a paper on your experience. Good luck.

Ominous Corpserot

You’re simply insane, my good man. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.


Yes. Be at peace.


yes, you are dead and we’re all angels.. weeeeeee isn’t it fun?


go to the psychiatrist

just watching the world burn !?

The dead can’t type, honey.
I think… you’ve had some sort of mental breakdown. Please get help.
That is, if this isn’t some stupid joke.


go see a doc. no u r not dead. but there may be a problem. go see a doctor.

Angel Barbie

if you are dead then so are the rest of us because i “hear” you loud and clear!
seems to me that you are NOT dead but are suffering from things which are causing you great concern. its good that you are aware that how you feel is not the “norm.” you really need to see your GP because you CAN be helped. don’t sit there worrying yourself to death or you WILL be dead! if you feel weird, with extremes of emotion, and hallucinations it indicates something like schizophrenia. see your GP they will not laugh, think your are mad or call in the men in white coats! Schizophrenia is manageable and can be treated.


wait a few hours for your trip to end and then if you can get up and walk you are not dead.


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