Survey: Do you honor the "Jungian Shadow" part of your mind, and if so, how do you do it?

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(It’s essentially your “animal” side that society demands you stuff into the back of your subconscious mind and ignore most of the time, so such an activity as going to a rock concert might be one example of honoring your “Jungian Shadow…”)
The Devil Made Me Do It, huh?
(works for me)

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Lord Fluffy Tail

All the time.
Discreetly, of course.


I honor the shadow side of myself by acknowledging its existence and not trying to bury it or deny that it has an effect on all that I do. The shadow side can be a powerful and positive ally if it isn’t repressed or treated like an enemy.
I channel its power in my writing and by letting it express itself verbally. Idiots who almost run me over while they’re driving and yakking on the cell phone are good targets, even if they never hear what my dark side would like to do to them. I can say what I think, and it stays in the privacy of my own vehicle, as opposed to doing a fake nicey-nice, “Oh, that poor person must be so busy that they have to drive and talk at the same time.”
Yeah. . ..riiiiiiiight.

Party Marty Graw

I try to remain Jung at heart.


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