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Supposedly,what can Chi energy do?

I”ve seen a ton of questions on here asking how to master Chi and gather it and stuff.So my question is,
Why would they want to?What exactly can Chi energy do?

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10 years ago

In Western science, Chi is referred to as bio-electricity. This is the way in which the body transmits messages. For example, from the brain to the muscles in your hand telling them to move. The flow of bio-electricity can be measured. For example with an EEG. When the brain has diminished capacity to transmit electrical messages, it can cause all kinds of problems. Reduced Seretonin in the brain results in brain messages being slowed down or the number of messages being reduced. The result is depression. The Eastern practice of Chi comes from ancient understanding of bio-electricity. Chi flow practice… Read more »

wohaz in wonderland
wohaz in wonderland
10 years ago

there is some truth, some reality to it, but most of it is myth.

legends of chi energy uses go to infinite degrees.
from healing to chi fireballs.
you name it.

however, it does seem to have an effect on the practioners focus and mental abilities.
chi working exercise tends to develope a rather high degree of concentration.

used for helping depression, taking a decent amount of the placebo effect with healing allowing good health to develope, even to the point of blocking out pain almost entirly.

10 years ago

Flow – change shape.

The Reverend Soleil
The Reverend Soleil
10 years ago

Apparently, it can make you a better golfer…


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