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Suppose a human brain was grown in a vat. Would its dreams be those of a man or those of a slug?

Would the brain dream in recollections of the ethereal realm that its consciousness had supposedly been conjured from?
Are the dreams of a corpse composed from images of life or death?
Why is God’s mercy infinite for the incorporeal, but less so for material beings?


  1. there is a huge possibility that it would subscribe to atheism, evolution and the likes, not ever realizing that if this were possible, God gave man the knowledge.
    God’s mercy is infinite period.

  2. Since it’s never had a body, I imagine it would be like a disembodied head/self in dreams. Why would it dream like a dog? Don’t think slugs have complex enough brains to dream. Corpses don’t dream obviously. God isn’t real.

  3. Well, they are growing all kinds of things now. Chickens with teeth and tails, ears on the backs or rats, hearts designed by lazer printers, all kinds of things. I’m sure somewhere, there is a mad scientist who is trying to grow a brain. Big claim to fame. I would imagine, that it’s memories or aspirations would be those from which cell/genetic material it was grown.


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