Intention Prayer & Meditation For Super Storm Sandy Hurricane

For all those who are affected or are in the path of Hurricane Sandy and the converging “super storm”, the time for preparedness has ended, now is the time for them to stay focused on safety and survival and trust existence.

Our Heart and blessing’s goes to everyone who woke up to this devastation. As Alex Collier once said ‘Energy Flows Where Focus Goes ’. We urge all our readers for few minutes of meditation or write your prayers for those who are about to find themselves at ground zero.

Please share your Intention Prayer & Meditation with our readers here in comment section.

Intention Prayer & Meditation:

-Stop the Super storm Sandy hurricane from reaching the east coast in America

-Weakening the strength of the Super storm Sandy hurricane

-Protect all beings seen or unseen, within the path of this Super storm Sandy hurricane.

Love & Light


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