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Super martial artist vs super qigong master?

Who is more powerful in battle…
A martial artist with the highest rank in Karate, Judo, Aikido, Taekwondo, etc, or a qigong master with abundant qi and can direct his qi anywhere he likes in whatever qi amount he likes?


  1. Rank is knowledge but doesn’t mean ability although at 65 I am heading towards that echelon.
    Chi is more than you think and adopts many forms.
    If I am walking the streets on a saturday night and I see a bunch of liquored up youths before me, I will find another route.
    Not because I am afraid of them but fear that if I was attacked, One of them at least would be dead or permanently injured, very quickly.
    So, knowledge and chi help to direct your power and thought.

  2. Chi is real, just that u guys think that its fake due to many cons and many people claiming they know it, but all those magical punch where u punch the air infront of the guy,and he would fly back 5 feet is real. i saw it happen. you guys never saw it happen before thus thinkin its complete bs but unless u go to the AUNTHENTIC martial artist

  3. does the qigong master have a revolver? No? Then I give him about 2 seconds to live.
    Furthermore, you watch far too much anime

  4. You need to go back and do some more research (from good sources) on Qigong and Qi and what it is and how it is used. It’s not what you think judging from the question you asked.


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