Sun earth& planets consume energy constantly. what is thier sourse of this energy from thousands of years?

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U cant get anything out of nothing.How long can univers survive with this rate of dissipation of energy.

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Rude Dog

it’s not coming from nothing.
in the sun, it’s coming from fusion.
take four hydrogen atoms. put them under tremendous pressure, and voila!
you have one helium atom + a little bit of energy.
matter and energy can be interchanged. so the conservation of matter/energy in this system is not violated.

Eat ur Veggies

These cesterial bodies have so much energy in the core it is unthinkable. It is like using a straw to drink lake Huron clean. It will take awhile but eventually it runs dry.


The sun creates energy (using Einstein’s e=mc^2 equation) by the conversion of mass (the fusion of hydrogen to helium).
The planets in our solar system receive energy from the sun in the form of ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light.
The energy in the universe is not dissipated – energy can change forms, and if the universe is a closed system (as is currently theorized) the total energy remains constant.
What does change is entropy – entropy is the randomization of the universe that reduces the mount of work that can be extracted.
That is constantly increasing, so eventually (trillions of years from now, if the universe is not a cyclical one) there will be energy but none of it will be usable.


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