suicide mental health bi polar depression near death experience?

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Do you know of any people close to you that commit ed suicide and had a near death experience?

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i personally attempted more times than i could count.






I have tried suicide several times, its not something that Im proud of, but I know that I was in the depths of a Bipolar Depression and very unwell.
My last time was very close and I only just survived, I can tell you it is the most awful feeling, you get to the stage where you actively attempt, you think it is going to work, but end up in hospital, and end up in a drug induced coma becuase of the medication you have just tried to kill yourself with. Waking up in intensive care knowing you failed and now have to live with the consquences is not a nice feeling.
I urge anyone that if you are actively suicidal to get help, no matter how bad you think life is, it is the depression talking. Life is worth living. Its almost a year since the night Ive jsut spoken about, and Im happy, my life is wonderful. I am so glad I survived.
Depression and suicidal thoughts wont and dont last forever, you can over come it.


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