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Suicidal ideation and past lives karma?

Hiya! Have been struggling with suicidal thoughts for a very long time… and it might be related to past lives, although I do acknowledge the fact that I might not have existed before.
Basically, I might have experienced a bit too much with White Light visualisations (never took drugs, not even smoked… nor did I drink alcohol except on social occasions). During that time, I experienced some flashbacks, and there was pictures of one past life where I got burned as either a normal person or as a high priestess in ancient Ireland. Later on, during a dream hypnosis, I had flashbacks from the French Revolution… husband was imprisoned but I wanted him to be released and be arrested instead of me (and eventually be killed) as I thought it’d be better for the kids if they had him back and not me.
A spiritual counsellor (sthg like a clairvoyant… paid attention as not to tell her anything but she was right about a lot of things she could never have had any influence on beforehand or known) told me that I was continuing my martyrdom in this life still, and it has made sense from early on.
Questions are:
1. If Wikipedia is right, it can’t be karma-related as karma is only related to words, thoughts, actions and actions you asked others to do… and not what has been done to you? What do you think?
2. Is there any use for me in traditional psychotherapy to get rid of those suicidal thoughts and my longing for death (because I’m used to it)?
3. What are occidental ways (don’t really be involved in wizardry, voodoo or shamanic rituals involving pigs’ heads and so on) to cancel that karma? Already been to a shaman but she didn’t get to the suicidal thoughts… just noticed I was quite lost LOL.
Thank you so very very veeeeeeeery much for all serious answers! And please not too much Christian content or talk about God or Jesus… I believe in them but can’t do anything with that sort of advice. Have a great day and Take care…
Thanks a lot for all the answers already. Just an explanation… have never really tried to take my own life… am also in therapy and have been so for the last 13 years… I just appear to many to be therapy-resistant… no real improvement in my longing or death. Self-esteem still really low although I have been to very good professionals, apparently. So was just a question as I thought that improvements might be blocked out because of karma… Thanks so much for any further input!

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  1. i don’t believe you carry karma over from past lives. you receive a new starting point in your current life and it is up to you to recognize and resolve the lessons you failed to learn in past lives. once you finish your learning there’s no need to come back to earth as you know it, you can move on. i think you and i and whatever spiritualist you’ve consulted know that suicide is definitely against the rules.

  2. If you are being plagued with thoughts of suicide you should consult a professional counsillor. They would be best able to help you sort out any areas of your life you might not have considered. People in this forum as well intentioned as they may be should replace a professionally trained counsillor. I wish the best for you.

  3. Practically, a good psychotherapist and CBT will sort out your suicidal thoughts, and do it within safe, and registered guidelines.
    I have a hunch, though, that you would prefer to go to someone alternative and do something alternative in order to release yourself from your inner thought processes as they stand at the moment. Ultimately, it’s your choice.
    Regardless of who you go to, they have to know what they are doing because your life is in the balance here. I would be asking lots of questions as to whether they have had significant success in dealing with people like yourself. That’s the bottom line here.

  4. Look on ebay for edgar cayce on reincarnation, it will put everything straight in your mind. It will show why you are suffering and how to over come it. he helped hundreds of people who were suffering because past lifes

  5. I realize this is a tad old, but wondering if you ever tried Reiki to get those chakras balanced out, and go on from there. I do believe we grow a little each time in a spiritual sense and karmic sense. some more than others. I also believe that karma can be transferred from one life to the next if we didn’t work those things out much at all in our previous life. if certain scars showing themselves as birthmark’s can be transferred, than why not karma? this is just my personal opinion.
    I hope by now you’ve gotten the help and answers you sought. It can be so overwhelming and frustrating when you know deep inside what you are feeling comes from not such a simple place.
    I am going through something similiar, which is how I ended up on here, and very glad that I did.


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