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Suggest a simple alternative to tarot?

Hi, I am looking for a nicely designed, yet easier to learn alternative to Tarot cards. I know that Tarot are not the only fortune telling (sic) that exist, albeit the best known. These are for a gift, and I would very much appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.


  1. Read tea leaves.
    Watch the flight of birds.
    Read the entrails of a dead animal (a bit messier than Tarot cards though.)
    Cast your horoscope
    Make up whatever you want.
    They will be as accurate as Tarot cards.

  2. Runes would be my first suggestion. And you can find many beautiful stones too, so if the recipient has a favorite color even. . .it can be more personal. They are pretty similar to tarot in that there are different formations that you can use during a reading depending on the purpose of the reading.
    Sometimes you can find runes at places that also sell tarot cards, but your best bet would be online.
    Another idea that comes to mind is Kau Cim. Chinese Fortune Sticks. It is like a tube that contains around 100 bamboo sticks. Each stick has a number and each number has a poem associated with it that brings your fortune. ( The poem is really to help you remember the meaning/fortune for each number. ) You hold the tube, shake it, and the first stick to come out is your fortune.
    You can often find Fortune Sticks at places like Cost Plus World Market ( That’s where I got mind, but I really use it more for decoration. ) or similar stores with “treasures from around the world”.
    Hope that helps!

  3. A few years ago, I went into a shop with the intent of buying a standard Rider-Waite deck. My intent was to find a divination tool that would allow me to communicate with my guides in a new way. From the several shelves of books, tarot decks and kits, I picked up a small indigo box, which turned out to be the one I bought. It was actually “Ask Your Guides” oracle cards by Sonia Choquette and they played a very positive role in my spiritual development.
    So my suggestion, based on personal experience, is for you to check out oracle cards.

  4. I suggest getting a non-traditional deck of tarot or a set of wisdom cards. There are many such decks that tell you right on the card what it means without you having to learn anything. Osho deck, Voyager Tarot and the Power Deck are just three examples. There are MANY. Some tarot decks also have helper editions that prinit the meanings on the cards.


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