subliminal message?

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is there way for me to get someone to think something using subliminal messages like saying something to someone and hiding a subliminal message in it to get them to think something how do i do this
by Psychologist In The house what is parrabells
by Psychologist In The house what is parrabells

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subliminal messages need to be finessed.
it also requires the deliverer to have a strong command of the English language.

Psychologist In The House

Jesus spoke in parrabells .try it

Dr. R PhD in Revolution

write them letters and have the paper water marked with the message so that it can’t be noticed very well. also make it sound positive.


Subliminal messages do not work in that way. Because of false research findings presented by James Vicary in 1957 (he claimed that by flashing ‘Drink Coca-Cola’ and ‘Eat Popcorn’ during a movie called ‘Picnic’ he increased sales of coke and popcorn. But after years of not allowing his reaserch to be analyzed, once revealed, no one could duplicate them.) people to this day still think that ‘subliminal messages’ actually work. But there are several reasons why they do not:
1. not everyone is consciously aware of everything in their environment because we are constantly filtering incoming information.
2. There is no guarantee that everyone will see/hear the intended message. For instance, if viewers saw the words at all, they may have seen ‘Cola Eat’ or ‘Beat Popcorn’! Or they may have been looking away at that moment.
3. For a message to have an effect on behavior, it must be recognized, understood, and followed – a lot to ask if the message is embedded in, say, a movie, which commands much more attention. Think of how hard it is to convince people – with non-subliminal messages – to recycle.
4. The message is far more likely to go unnoticed because many more attention-grabbing stimuli (like the movie) are vieing for attention – which will very likely overwhelm any ‘subliminal’ message.
Sorry. I suppose you could try manipulation, but I wouldn’t advise that either.


“SHE” is completely correct and knows her research. Perhaps look up the term “priming”.


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