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Subconscious VS Conscious information intake?

About how much faster does your subconscious/unconscious mind see and hear things than the conscious mind?
And how many things can the subconscious see and process/and hear/ interpret at once vs the conscious mind?


  1. Some ideas
    could come from M.R.I. or P.E.T. or E.E.G scans
    it’s really a pretty subjective thing speed of the brains
    conscious mind speed, the subconscious is accessible
    only through hypnotic trance
    and with full client cooperation.
    Sound waves could affect this ?
    Best Wishes.
    Mars Mission.
    14th Year Psychology Student 4th Hypnosis Student.

  2. Good question. It’s important to note that all of the theories on this are just that…….educated guesses.
    Some believe that there are three levels or states of consciousness: conscious, preconscious and unconscious/subconscious. Some believe there are only two: conscious and unconscious/subconscious. I work on a less conventional model where there are four: post conscious, conscious, preconscious and subconscious. It’s a psychospiritual approach. In this model, there isn’t more speed per se, but more awareness. Your preconscious is regulated by experience and association.
    If you experience a dog bite you three days ago requiring medical attention and tomorrow see a dog that reminds you of the same one, are you going to walk up and try to pet him? obviously not.
    It’s association, I haven’t heard of any studies that have identified a rating scale or measurement tool designed to classify or even identify “speeds”, but psychodynamically from a psychospiritual perspective the theory is this:
    the post conscious is the physical actions by which one acquires sensation in physical experience. those emotions are processed and ”stored” for association later.
    Conscious is just that, awareness and mental experience/sensation. Once you think of something and apply value to it by comparing it to experience, then that product is stored in the subconscious as well.
    Preconscious is like when the alarm clock wakes you up and you’re staggering to the sink to splash water on your face. It’s where you’re trying to make sense of things. This is pure association. You make sense of things by associating stimuli (walls, doors, lights, etc) to experience. Common sense says that if it’s dark and you want to see, you turn on the light. But we didn’t always think that way. At certain points in life we relied upon others to do this for us because we were afraid of the darkness and just wanted it to go away. Making the darkness go away by turning on the light or going somewhere where the light is, is a single example of this phenominon.
    Subconscious is the physical and mental experiences and sensations that have been stored. It’s what we use to make sense of things. In the above example, we would ask ”why turn on the lights?” answer would be so we can see what we are doing. what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you wake up? ”What time is it? It’s a good day. I feel great. Where Am I? What day is it?” These could be examples of an emotion or sensation that has been subconsciously stored.
    In general, you experience, you associate, you store you recall. The more this process is repeated, the more you will be able to make sense of any single concept or association of concepts. If you are used to a gun making a loud noise, and grab a pistol and fire it on the range, you are automatically going to want hearing protection right? Now, what if that was a BB pistol and you didn’t know it. It doesn’t change the fact you were expecting a loud noise.
    The more a single association or experience is used, the more readily available it is and will be. Thats a concept used often by educational psychologists. For example, in the fourth grade learning multiplication was difficult at first, but when you learned how to do it and repeated it throughout the entire year, it became simple. Right? 15 x 15 is pretty simple now (225). But in fourth grade we would have to stop and think about it.
    Dont want two web pages full of a single course in psychodynamic theory, but I hope it helps a little. Ask more if needed.
    Good Luck.

  3. Under hypnosis they have discovered that the subconscious can take in vast amounts
    of info, but the conscious can not recall much of it. Sometimes hypnotists are called in to help
    with the retrieval process

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