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Subconscious mind.. how many of you

how many of you have applied Creative Visualization to something in your life and it came to fruition? .. any good stories?..
those are awesome .. yeah it really does work, I also read the Secret.. it’s a shame more than half the world doesn’t know about this or have heard of it’s powers…


  1. yeah its crazy but that really does work… i started doing it after i read The Secret… it said to start out small… i visualized finding a dollar on the street right out front of my apartment and sure enough i found one 3 days latter! the trick is you really have to truly BELIEVE that the thing your visualizing already happened. a friend of mine visualized checks coming to him in the mail and he has gotten 3,000 in travelers checks addressed to him so far!

  2. i wanted a house of my own, not an apartment. But i knew i could never afford it so i kept pictures of nice houses all over my room and kept telling myself i will have a house of my own, i visualized it over and over and it happened i got a house. a miracle!

  3. I have. I do it with pain, especially. I have 3 degenerative discs in my back. I visualize light around the vertebrae, cushion and also the thoughts of being straight in posture. I am told I should not run with this condition, but with the visualization I do and the determination, I have been running successfully for 4 years now. My husband uses visualization in business. We ALWAYS have work coming in because he manifests it. It’s amazing how work falls through, and then he will take time to clear himself of doubt and then visualize projects. The next day he gets calls of work lining up. This has proven effective literally every single time. You have to combat doubt. Doubt is the only thing that gets in the way.
    We watched the DVD, “The Secret”. Also, we are graduates of Landmark Education, which teaches in depth similar to what is that DVD. It’s basically Quantum Physics.


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