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subconscious help please…?

can someone please tell me if the subconscious mind has something to do with mental blocks? as in when you are in the middle of thinking something or talking to somebody you just forget what you’re about to say… and can u please explain how the whole process takes place?


  1. yes, it has something to do with mental blocks. Repressed memory.
    I can’t explain it, but I am 31, and for 20 years I had a repressed memory about childhood sexual abuse, and then one day it all came rushing back to me like a damn opened up. I don’t know why, but possibly because our brains don’t let us remember something until our brain knows we are able to handle it.

  2. That only happens to me when I’m under stress, or when I’ve put unusual stress on myself to remember the exact word that I’m thinking of. Like when I know that there is a perfect word out there to describe something, I will garaunteed forget what that word is. It only happens when I feel pressure to produce that word, though.
    I’m not certain if anyone knows the mechanism for that. I’m guessing that it’s something like the chemicals your body produces in response to fear or stress make you less able to think clearly and focus.
    You might ask in Psychology, they might have better answers there.


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