Struggling search ( Please help)?

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From a young age i have been searching for something, that just wont go away ever since i was young and in the past years i have learn alot about past lifes, christianty, Auras, soul paitning,
angel card reading , angel relam. tarot cards , some other relgions and some stuff about native americans.and i have read alot of mind body and spirt books for example ( The jounrey home, The secrets, The jounrey and more)
i find them all great but at the end of the day non of them answer these on going questions in my head.
my big question is why are we here? what were we put here for? how did this world begin? how did god and angels get here?
now with christiany it says that the purpose of life is to live by god ways and life is a gift that dose not answer my question
and i was told by a person and the mind body and spirt even that we have many lifes and our life purpose to learn lesson and move on to the next life.
ok but how did we get here in the 1st place?
I know this question are huge, but i am really struggling and these thoughts wont go. have u got any idea any suggestion that could help?
thank you very much for your time
love claire xxx

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to live
to learn
to work to earn
to love to cry
to pay our taxes and say goodbye…


We got here by evolving from lower life forms. That’s a fact; nobody except religious fanatics pretends otherwise.
As for the purpose… there is no inherent one; you get to make your own. Isn’t it great?
Email me if you need clarification – and don’t believe the people that say a book written thousands of years ago is the ultimate truth; it’s ridiculous.
Nobody can prove any gods, much less a specific god, exist; many people will tell you their god exists but no others, but will never be able to prove it, even if they think so. Some will threaten you with eternal pain or promise eternal joy to get you to believe in their god; these are all stories, created for people who were scared long before we understood the universe. Now we have no more reason for these superstitions.
How terrible the bible in particular is:
What’s the origin of the Jesus stories?
How silly and horrible religion in general is:
The alternative:


Why do you assume that there is a WHY? That’s way too big an assumption for me.

Horton Hears You!

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, man and woman for his own glory. The purpose of man and woman is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.


Boy, this is a tough one….I too think we are here to learn and grow spiritually. If reincarnation is true, then your life purpose would be different every lifetime in order to experience All. Pray and meditate…look within to find your special talents and purpose in this life. Sometimes you don’t know for quite some time. I’ve been searching for answers all my life and only recently have come to the conclusion that this struggle is part of the journey. Try to enjoy the process versus having a predetermined end on what you expect. Find God in the ordinary versus the extraordinary (God’s in both, but the ordinary happens much more frequently). Trust your inner truth and you will find your answers. I don’t know the answers to most your questions. I have my own answers and opinions and that is all I can offer. Good luck with your search.
Peace, Love, and Blessings


You will find a great answer to your question on this Catholic site;


Hard question here is my short answer, God is and always was, if you read the bible god made man becuase he was lonely and want some one to walk with. Soon he noted that we were childern and need to grow up. So he stop telling everything and let us figure it out on are own like a good father watch a kid trying to do something that is hard. You want to help but if you do they learn very little. So god is waiting for us to grow up and come home for a visit.


I’ve actually had similar questions myself that have been nagging at me for years. So I figured out the answers and am currently writing a book about them. First of all, it’s quite obvious after having studied christianity that its complete bull. The existence of God is problematic on a number of levels. If you’d like I could send you a copy of my book. I’m new to this thing but I believe you can get my email adress of this thing or something right?. I’d give you the jist of it here but its rather long winded. It’s called The Answer Box and is a cross between whats called a Socratic Dialogue (which you might be familiar with) and a Shakspearian play (Or so I’d like to believe anyway). It takes a bit of time to read because you have to really think about everything in it, and it’s not finished yet but if you’d like I could send you it and you could even help me with it if you have any idea’s yourself. I’ve already shown it to several theologians and philosophers and have even been recognised as one myself because of my book and an essay I wrote entitled “The Selfish God” which hypothesised that were God to exist he’d HAVE to be selfish. Interseted?




Don’t know if this helps, heard a story today about a rich king who by the end of his life had lived life to the full in most things, but he was still not happy.
He wanted to believe in God but could not. His magicians and soothsayers all tried to prove there was something.
One day the king met a shepherd, and explained how melencholy he felt about life.
The sheperd said you will not find
God with your eyes but with your heart.
Look in the water what do you see, the king said only my reflection. The shepherd said when you see youself then you see God, he is in you, above you, below you and around you.
You don’t need to look very far.
The king wentt home , thought about these things, the people around him noticed the change in him by the way he treated the least of his servants and all.
He became a happy man because he found God.


We’re here to party. Not everyone likes it but that’s a fact because at the end of the day You’ll find; with everyone else, that it’s the parties in life that bring the smile to Your lips. Weddings, baptisms, Prom night, Xmas ( whether You believe the rhetoric or not), birthdays, heck even the wake. Yep, it’s the celebration of life even when someone dies that it’s all about. Nothing more, nothing less. Party on, party on!


Hi Claire, I used to be searching like you, then one day I had an experience of the living Jesus, in a spiritual encounter and I have never looked back. All my questions were answered in Him. I know you have looked at christianity, but knowing ABOUT Jesus is not the same as really KNOWING Jesus in a personal way. My advice would be to speak to a local church pastor who can tell you more, even better, why not do an Alpha course which is designed for people like you who are seeking, but not pressured to ‘make’ you become a christian. Nobody becomes a christian without the certainty in their hearts that Jesus is with them. Hope this helps.


i dont kno who told u about Christianity but they didnt tell u evrything.
God created man to have a loveing reationship with Him. God always existed, He created evrything. oh all His creations us (humans ) are His greatist. we are all sinners though and cannot enter heaven because we have sinned. but Jesus died and rose again for our sins so tht by merely accepting this gift we can enter an eternal relationship with God in heaven. Christains dont do good things so they can get into heaven (because u could never do enough, plus Jesus already died and rose again so we could enter heaven) they do good things out of love, for God and evryone else. There is so much more to say… i would love to talk to u about this more, email me at
yay there r so many other people who understand go “slayer”, “Dano”, and “Horton Hears You!”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well ok 3 others but still, God is the truth. please understand this. 😀
i send u lots of happiness and hope. 🙂


We are here to worship God, & to fulfill God’s plan for salvation, The world began by God creating it himself, & God has always been & always will be, As for the angels, God created them so he can have an angelic family & to have some one to talk to.


Hey you are not alone, for many struggle with these questions, but not everyone articulates them. They keep their questions in their head. The answer to your struggles is found only in God’s Word, the Bible. Listen to these words from Isaiah FOR I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU SAYS THE LORD. THEY ARE PLANS FOR GOOD AND NOT FOR EVIL, PLANS TO GIVE YOU A FUTURE AND A HOPE.
Jeremiah chapter 29 verses 11-14
The Bible also says that God has set eternity in the heart of man. You feel something is missing, and you say you have tired other things. Some people try to be successful and are, some go after material possessions, music, sport, some take large amounts of drugs and alcohol, but none of these or other things will fill that gap. The answer is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Saviour of the world, He wants a relationship with you, and that is possible by firstly believing that He died for you, and took the punishment which you deserved. You need to feel the weight and burden of your past wrongdoing, and then ask God to take the guilt away from you, – and do you know what – He will. Repentance is necessary, which means to turn away from wrong doing, and ask God’s Holy Spirit to indwell you, to give you power to live a life pleasing to Him. Instead of living your life the way you please, ask Him to become the leader of your life.
Jesus said: He who comes to me I will not cast away.
Jesus also said: I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE,
no one comes to the Father, but through me.
If you would like to chat further, please contact me.
God Bless you!


Our life source and purpose is God. Genesis 2:7 says that He breathed into man’s nostrils the breath of life and we became a living soul. We have one body, one soul, one life…not many lives. We should value greatly our life today because we will carry who we are, everything we do and say into eternity with us. You will always be empty and searching if you seek to find your purpose in anything BUT the cross of Jesus Christ. If you continue to dabble in things that are contrary to God’s Word you will never fulfill His purpose for your life. And His purpose for you should be your greatest desire ” IF ” you truly love Him.


Only way I can think of how we got here is that the whole universe appeared out of nothing is by a complete random fluke, which poses the question what is the universe in? is that the end or is there something bigger than that also? Things whilst we are in human form we don’t have the capacity in our brains to understand. I think I would find life easier if I could believe that a god created the world in 7 days etc but to be honest we could all be a spec of dust on some extremely large beings ornaments, and there could be whole universes inside each atom of everything. we just dont and we are likely to never know.
Also i think that everything is energy, and perhaps what people talk about as god is the energy of nature/the universe, and in learning about our own spirituality we are finding our connection with life, nature, the universe and everything. Also you cant create or destroy energy you can only change its form so perhaps the universe was always there? Perhaps the science of humans appearing here is the only answer to this.
Perhaps a race of spirits also appeared out of nothing too in a complete random fluke of nature like the universe appearing or just being there anyway. just because there is something doesn mean there was nothing before there was something which is there now or that theres reason for it, I think really its what we do whilst we are here that counts and i like to think your friend might be right in saying we all have multiple lives and have to learn a lesson from each of them there could well be a spirit realm that our energy or spirit goes to or connects with after our physical bodies perish, which may well be run by its self for the benifit of all to promote being kind to each other whilst on this planet.
Or we could be someones really crazy school science project.
Or ummm anything really!
I also dont mean to say everyone is wrong in believing in their own religions, the teachings of most i have read up on if everyone could actually live by them we would have a beautifuly peacefull happy world, which could give a meaning to life in itself its very demoralising having so much negative energy everywhere.
I know that there are spirits (or ghosts) I have seen and felt them, I have felt the presence of angels. I dont think any possibility can be disregarded as the true one. but the sad thing is even after we die we may never find out the absolute truth, there may not be one.
Could be all chaos theory/butterfly effect (not the film the scientific one) Just because things are doesnt mean they have a perpose. But because it is human nature to need a purpose we create purposes there may not be one.
Anyways i’m reading up on the healing side of it all now, cuz this quesion can make your head explode, to heal me and so I can heal others.
Good luck in your quest for lifes answers
love light and laughter
urm dont think i got on topic there but anyways those my thoughts.

Love you

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