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Strange occurances?

So, last night I attempted to summon a succubus. I waited around for awhile after the attempt but nothing came so I thought it didn’t work and went to bed. At some point during the night while I was asleep I started having strange dreams of something on top of me and I couldn’t move. I think I woke up through some of it but still couldn’t move. In the morning when I got up I dismissed it, thinking it was just my imagination, but now as it gets closer to night time there seems to be a strange feeling presence around. Is this just my imagination or something more? I don’t think it was the succubus I tried to summon because it didn’t show itself to me as I requested. What else could it be?
The holy trinity? Let me know where it is when you find it, I want to smack his son in the face for ignoring me when I really needed him in difficult times in my life.
A succubus is a demoness that likes to bang.
I didn’t use a circle, and why would I be lying? Seems kind of lame to lie about these things, don’t you think?


  • The demons are ur arch enemies.Losing ur soul is the very worst thing that can happen to u,and all demons including succubus are after ur soul.Dont disgrace ur Father God who loves u beyond verbal expression by trying to have intercource with a demon.

  • Guy,a demon is a demon.The singular aim of all demons is to make sure u end up in hell after u die.They have no gift of Any Kind at all.Once u interact delibrately with a demon,the process of looseing ur soul has begun.U are a child of God,the best way for the devil to insult God is to lead u astray.Try to always magnify the Glory Of Your Father God in all u do.God Bless and Protect u,Amen.

  • haha, why would you summon a succubus? Why? what did you expect? You’ve used no protection at all which most likely opened the doors to other negative entities. And yes, you should only keep it where you are able to manage it, in a circle or triangle. It is in fact a succubus. They usually tend to sit on your chest while you sleep, drawing your energy through emotions you get through sexual dreams or thoughts. Usually if a demon escapes a circle< which you should have used; it's due to inexperience. You could try a lesser banishing spell to get rid of it.. I will do some research in the mean time to see if there are any other ways.

  • oh dear…. calling spirits while NOT in a circle? where the heck did you ever get that idea?

    i hope you weren’t hoping for some “wicked banging,” because i doubt the succubus would do only that.

    did you use a specific name for your summoning? maybe something else anxious to be “invited” into your home is now living there

    but the most probable explanation is that your subconscious freaked out about summoning a succubus and made you have that dream, and now that it is night your consciousness is aware of the consequences of summoning without a circle…. it’s probably all in your head.

    to be safe, i would promptly dismiss and banish everything in your home.

    next time, if you insist on continuing to summon things, use a circle to protect yourself and make a binding circle for the other…. otherwise you’re asking for a heapload of trouble… like what you might be in right now.

  • either your an idiot or no your an idiot. You obviously don’t know what your doing, or are lying. What circle did you use?
    Trust me that is a Succubus. But you can get that by doing enough research to fake that knowledge.
    You want help IM me and convince me your not lying.

    Yes I do but some do. The common way to control a demonic presence is a circle, with out one a beginner has no chance to control one.

    seriously I M me.

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