Strange lights during a healing treatment?





I was getting an aruvedic hot oil treatment where oil is dripped over the forehead, also included it was a head massage and she did some reiki and/or cranialsacral too. She put her finger on my Third Eye Chakra and left it there for some time. My eyes were closed. I saw a flash of light, and then another flash of light a few seconds later. These two flashes repeated themselves again several minutes later, and again her finger was in the same place. The lights were all off, there was only a small window and the blinds were drawn. She said she saw the lights too, and that they seem to just be in the room with no source. Any idea what this was? It feels like something special happened there. Thanks~!
Like I said, the massage therapist saw the light too, so it wasn’t a seizure unless she had one too. It was something we both saw.


  1. Ever heard of satan appearing as an angel of light?
    Ever heard of demon possession?
    Something did happen, but I wouldn’t call it special.

  2. the chakras all have different colours
    reiki works with colour , symbols etc
    so it is quite common for you to see colour during these treatments
    your practitioner should know this and should have been able to tell you about it
    soft purple was it ?

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