Home Discussion Forum Steven hawking voice emulator?

Steven hawking voice emulator?

does anyone know where i can find one (preferably online)


  1. windows narrator has a voice called sam that sounds a bit like steven hawking
    start menu, programs, accessories, , accessibility, narrator.

    • That is because the Speech Plus text-to-speech code was licensed to IBM. They started using it when computer CPUs became fast enough so that a separate DSP chip was not needed. The SpeechPlus products had a custom programmable Harvard-architecture DSP on two chips. IBM spent some time on the algorithms trying to make the speech more natural.

  2. Funny thing, Stephen Hawking – born in England, educated in England, so why does he speak with an American accent? Microsoft Sam sounds very much like him, it should be on your PC somewhere.

  3. There is an excellent one that sounds exactly like him (I even think its the one he actually used).
    It’s called WillowTalk, the only problem is it seems to have been discontinued so can be difficult to find on the net these days. But its worth searching for if you can find it.


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