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Steven Hawking found the cure for himself?

Apparently he’s managed to focus his brain on finding his own cure and he’s done it – He’s now making a full recovery and will probably be walking within 3 years.


  1. That’s great (even if total bollocks)! However, Mr Hawking has been walking for years. He has been head and shoulders above and running with the best of them.

  2. good….maybe he will travel into a black hole after this and come out alive….
    anything is possible as the above answerer said but do black holes agree ?

  3. Ok and im going to win the lottery next week and then discover the truth about worm holes and travel back in time just to win it again.

  4. one night when that guy was first suffering the symptoms of muscular dystrophy, as he was getting into bed, suddenly the mathematics of ‘event horizons’ occurred to him, at a time a lot of the worlds scientific community didn’t even except the existence of Black holes.
    lol funny joke. if only everyone was as smart as you…

  5. Leave the guy alone. He has enough to deal with daily without snide comments from us . He might be brilliant but hey would you really want to trade places with him? I wish he was making a full recovery. I ‘m sure he does too.


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