Steven hawking black hole theory of existence.?

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basiacly if steven hawking is correct and the experiements at cern proove it, then steven hawking will prove that “god” didnt create the universe and that it happened because of a black hole in space exploding. Now what i wonders is if its prooved the universe came from a blackhole and that prooves “god” never existed then what is gonna happen with the religions of the world? because if its proved there was no god then people will not believe in a god, and therefor have no reason to have a religion. I just wonder what is gonna happen, or do u reckon the religion people r gonna turn it and say “god created the black hole” just to get people 2 keep on believing, until 1day someone learns how the black hole was created really.
The whole idea of religions is that the “god” character created everything, so if its proved that no all powerful being created everything then religion would have no basis to exist
just 2 say to eri, u obviouly didnt watch steven hawkings program on tv where he clearly said “the universe was created when all matter exploded from a black hole”
also im not saying steven hawking is involved with cern or they r trying to prove the existace of a god, im saying that if its proved that the universe came from a black hole in space then god didnt make the universe, and if they prove how that black hole came 2 be then that shows no god crap made it. just gotta hope for that day 2 come soon, and then we can get rid of the religion crap in the world.

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It doesn’t matter. Religions will still believe in god or at least an all-powerful being. Even if such a god didn’t create a world doesn’t mean that god would cease to exist.


1) CERN is not out to disprove a god. It’s trying to re-create the first moments after the big bang – mostly for the benefit of particle physicists.
2) Hawking isn’t involved with CERN – he’s not trying to prove anything.
3) The big bang was not ‘a black hole in space exploding’. You’ve probably confused the ideas of black hole and singularity. The big bang was a singularity, but not a black hole. And it didn’t explode – it expanded.
4) Most people who believe in god will not accept anything as proof that a god doesn’t exist, much less an esoteric field of physics.
5) We’re never going to get rid of religion.


Actually it doesn’t prove anything about God. Even if his theory proves resiliant, the originating point for any theory had to come from somewhere, had to materialize. So whether you want to call the originating force God or whatever, it still exists.


The fact of the matter is scientists have no idea what caused the big bang to happen. Nobody knows 100% whether a God exists or doesn’t exist. So little is still understood about the universe. Maybe there is an intelligent hand behind it all beyond our understanding, and maybe there isn’t.


There is no certainty that the big bang even happened. I think this is the correct theory but it can never be a fact…no one was there to see it. So no matter what scientists say they will most probably not sway the beliefs of many religious people.
I agree with you, i think religion would say where did the black hole come from? it must have been God’s creation

Steve B

You are confusing FAITH (belief in the absence of proof) with FACT (belief in the presence of proof) …
FAITH has NEVER had anything to do with FACT (check out the Flat Earth Society 🙂 )


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