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States of Consciousness to Relieve Back Pain?

If you were suffering from persistent, severe back pain that could not be relieved bu surgery what altered states of consciousness may be effective in helping you to manage the pain? How could these techniques be used to manage pain?


  1. There are all kinds of methods to relieve back pain and all kinds of reasons you have the pain. You need a good Dr. who can advise you what the best method of relief is for you.

  2. Hi Brownie
    If you are suffering from chronic severe back pain then you can actually use you rmind and your natural healing abilities to remove your back pain rather than just control the pain.
    Just because surgery or medication can’t help, doesn’t mean there is “no help”.
    There are many techniques utilizing meditative type techniques, Acupressure and Mudra which help your back and use your mind, and other physical techniques to rtrain your back to work better.
    See the link below for some free techniques that will help and check out the site for some great advice and help.
    All the best
    Dr Graeme Teague

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