state why or why not u believe or not in past life or reincarnation?





do you believe?
why or why not?
if so do you have any stories of your own?


  1. Because we’re here now, who’s to say we won’t make it back again someday? Who’s to say we haven’t ever been here before? I like to think that the people currently walking the Earth have always walked the Earth.. Just different names and different faces. Of course I can’t prove any of this, but it is just my own subjective idea.

  2. I have a conflict in this. I believe we have souls and spirits. When we die, I believe that our soul (our life force) leaves (not sure where it goes, perhaps back to God if that is something you believe in). The soul is unaffected by how you behave during living time. The spirit also leaves when we die, but unlike the soul, the spirit IS very affected by our living, the same way a child is a product of their environment. The spirit can return to the energy of the universe, either as negative, postive or neutral. Some stays together and “haunts” either in pos/ or neg. This lingering could be why we know things about past events. Do we run into them? Do they float by? Do the kinetics of our own spirit draw these parts of older spirits? Can’t nail it down, but whatever the answer, I have known things about other lives (documented in books that I did not read, but later stumbled across) that I should not have known, and would not have read about through history books. I think an interesting experiment would be to go through hypnosis to different therapists for regression, just to see if the results are the same, or if by being in a different location, the story would change.

  3. Listen to me all this bull-doo-doo about past lives is just that a pile of bull-doo-doo…. What people are seeing is their very own ancestors, Who genetics you are carrying around in your very own body…. You see them in your dreams because they are and will always be part of you…. And You will contribute these very same genetics to your children and they will do the same thing when they have children….. And it will go on and on and on…. For I had a dream about a distance great grand-father and since I could remember this song has be just coming out of no-where… And I could never figure out where this song is coming from… Then one day I heard my sister humming the same tune and I asked her where did she hear that tune and she told me the same thing I been telling my self… Until one day I was humming this tune in front of my mother and then she shock the hell out of me by telling me that was her grandfathers favorite tune… And after we talked for a while… She got up and went into her room and came out with a picture of the same man I have been dreaming about… So needless to say we had a very long conversation… And about a 30 minutes into our conversation My older brother came in singing this very same tune…… And the look on my mothers face told a story all its own…. And after years of education and research. I found out that genetic goes a long way into explaining why I was seeing myself in someone else body….. And why everyone alive today have the same fear of the dark………. The very same, even if they don’t show it…………………………………………………………..

  4. I know that through God’s only son, Jesus Christ, I have received him into my heart and have asked for the forgiveness of my sins and I believe that when I die, I will spend eternity with Him. I believe every word written in the Bible.

  5. I do not believe in past lives and.or reincarnation, simply because I believe that there is an afterlife– more specifically a heaven and a hell. And if there is a heaven and a hell, why would someone need to be reincarnated? Also, why would Jesus die for us if we weren’t going someplace afterwards? (Not everyone believes this…but I know it’s true)

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