Star Trek Aliens Who Communicate Using Light Waves/EM Emissions?





I’ve been trying to find the answer to this for hours, but to no avail. If I could only remember the exchange verbatim, this would be a much easier task, I’m sure, but I recall hearing in one of the Star Trek episodes about an alien species that communicated using electromagnetic waves. I don’t remember if it was only visible light or other EM emissions as well, although I could have sworn there was a reference to “infrared.” I think it was from a TNG episode, or maybe it was Enterprise, but it’s been a while and I honestly can’t remember.
It seems as if one of these aliens had been beamed aboard the ship in which the conversation was taking place, and a character was complaining about the difficulty in translating the emissions.
I’m not referring to the Calamarain and the tachyon emissions, which is apocryphal as it was from a book, but to an episode.
If anyone can help me out, I’d appreciate it. I’m starting to think I’m imagining something that never happened…
Search, I just want to know which aliens these were. I’m not concerned about the authenticity of the notion itself. After all, this is fiction.
Also, it didn’t involve radio transmissions. They mentioned light waves.
Thanks for the links, but let me clarify: They didn’t use accessories as we do, but this was analogous to our verbal communications or physical gestures–it was a component of their physiology and not radio transmissions, fiber optics, etc.


  1. Star Trek often involves speculative or unlikely science. For example there is no evidence that tachyons exist.
    Electromagnetic radiation includes the whole spectrum. This includes radio, microwaves, infrared (heat), all the colors of the rainbow of visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays.
    Humans today obviously communicate in EM transmissions. We call it radio. Perhaps we will eventually use higher frequencies like pulse visible light. It will still be EM transmissions.
    I think the writers of the show were counting on the average person not knowing the difference or even the similarities.

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