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Star of David – religious and crystal healing purpose?

Does Star of David can be really considered as a symbol of Judaism? And what’s its TRUE history actually? It’s really confusing because what I’ve read on some books and many websites has different opinions. It says that the Star of David was not really made for the Jews. The star is actually connected to King Solomon. The tale goes that he borrowed the star this from one of his pagan wives. It was more likely, though, that King David, King Solomon’s father, introduced the star. So, over time, it became known as “Magen David.” That’s the true history of the star.

As a Muslim, can I wear a crystal pendant that has Star of David shape? As u know, crystal that come in that form has many benefits for its energy to help a person (those who learn crystal’s healing energy know very well about this)

P/S- No arguments/rude reply here. I hope everyone can understand my intention to gain some knowledge about this (and Im sure other people can also get useful information)