Home Discussion Forum St Maarten September 24th to October 3rd?

St Maarten September 24th to October 3rd?

My fiance and I are going to St Maarten in September. September 24-October 3. Im excited. I know the slow season is then but how are the crowds there at that time. Are the bars and clubs still jumpin. What are the people like. I plan on going to Bliss and Tantra when Im there. We are young have a 1 year old and are going out there to really let loose any other places people recomend?


  1. I doubt it will be that slow that you wont be able to enjoy yourself and see a lot of people around. You’ll still enjoy. Next time you can try Barbados.

  2. There is always lots of people vacationing in St Maarten so go and enjoy yourself. Lots of ships go there throughout the year since it is a tax haven.


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