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Spiritually,Where does one begin (again)?

When starting a new life? I feel as though I was just born and have no clue.
Well, I can’t really say that this is a spiritual awakening. Some people have one “ah ha”, but I have had a series that have evolved over a long period since I was a child. This time is a little different though as I have drawn a “blank.”
Problem is, am missing a purpose and have been depleted of everything and life has lost all meaning. I am empty.
It’s not that this is a ‘bad” thing, it just is. But in order for me to function, I need to feel inspired and I am not.
Dumb question, I can’t express what I am feeling. My bad.; Perhaps someone can interpret and help me understand what I am asking, ’cause I don’t know, as I said… where to begin. -Peace


  1. Sounds like an empty canvas. That is a beautiful thing. It really is what we are everyday. We think we carry our past around but it is an illusion. I think you are in an amazing place. Now it’s all up to you. I do see a good heart and that too is a beautiful thing.

  2. There is a stillness that is hard to describe. The purpose can be just to be, just to experience your life fully, to respect your interior space.
    Eventually the wind will stir the leaves, but it’s good not to create false purposes or head in arbitrary directions until you have a genuine sense of where you want to be.
    I like the quiet. Snow falling on snow.

  3. The most important thing to do is to truly ask Jesus Christ into your life knowing that He suffered & died on a cross for your sins & rose again the third day. Then & only then will you find your purpose in life for the Holy Spirit will speak to your heart. All you have to do is listen for Him. I have & I have never regretted it.

  4. You need to decide on some project that you can get involved with to jump start your enthusiasm for life again. Service to others in some way is a great way to reawaken the spirit inside. Your ‘purpose’ won’t come knocking on your door (at least not usually) you have to go out and find it. This time of year and in this economy, finding a volunteer activity that directly benefits others and that you can See benefits others should be easy. check your local newspaper or city for volunteer opportunities.

  5. Yeah, I had that feeling for a few years myself. It turns out, I was on the wrong life path. You may not want to hear this, but in my case, I had given my life to God as a young teenager. Then later in my teens, I turned my back on God and it wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that I came back to trust in the Lord. During those years, I was constantly searching for truth, wisdom, peace, and meaning in my life, but I always came up empty. I really believe that God had put that unrest on my heart, turning me towards Him.

  6. You are continually creating yourself anew, we all are and God is, and we are all God,.. your job is to remember where you came from and who you are. The earth is not a school were you learn lessons, because you are God sent here to experience everything you already know. Help others to remember who they are, do this and you will fulfill your purpose.

  7. We are created in God’s image and likeness with the capacity to have a relationship with him. Without God there is a huge emptiness that can only be filled with him.
    Repent and have faith in Jesus Christ. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. In the meantime, pray that God will reveal this to you, and don’t stop.

  8. It was once proposed that you should prepare a blank mind each morning, like a scholar with a fresh slate, for the day to write upon. In order to start you must first have a goal, there can be no beginning unless there is also an end, otherwise you have not started anything, you are merely passing through life without effect. If you have no goal at present then let the day write and accept what it teaches, at the end of the day perhaps you will have found one, if not there is always tomorrow.

  9. Hi Celtic Peace!
    Actually I have lost everything I owned 3 times in my life and ,just started back up. Not knowing how or where I was going to start. However I am older now,and am still wary of the fact that I can lose everything tomorrow,or 2 years from now. My losses were not form Divorce or something like that.But you can only start by keep moving forward.Stagnation does nothing.I do not expect fairness in this world. I do expect my self to move forward no matter what! If I must move to another state or town to quell my stagnation …then that is what I do. Sometimes with only the shirt on my back and a duffle over my shoulder.
    Quite different for women. But they can still keep moving forward by just doing it,and realizing there may be more dips in the proverbial road of life and maybe not. The main thing is “just keep moving forward!
    I find it strange that Walt Disney coined that phrase. Seeing how I am related through family to the man that was Walt Disney.
    Peace CP!

  10. You can’t begin anywhere until you have direction. Even if you feel like you should move, its hard to make a jump if you are completely blind. If you can afford it, take some time to NOT think about it. Its good to pull yourself out of a situation (or non-situation) to be able to think clearly. Trust that the answers will come. Allow yourself to relax, and not feel pressure about the next inspiration or opportunity. This causes undue stress.

  11. May be the lull before the storm, storm of a new vibrant life, if only you ready yourself for it by maintaining that silent ‘void’, empty space, without any expectation or anticipation for a while so that it becomes a space for the inner being to manifest. Congratulations! Very few will find such space occurring in oneself. Relax. Be in calm alertness. No hurry, wait and watch in such a state. Trust!


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