Spiritually why would a crisis in one's life open one's mind to more possibilities?

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Does crisis bring out more in people as to being open to finding serious spiritual answers? Why? Why not?

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you learn. and hopefully strive to better yourself after a horrible experience.

Looney one

Because during a crisis your mind is trying constantly to find a way out of the crisis. If some get really desperate they might say they would accept help from some deity – then eventually when the crisis passes some of them may think it was that deity they asked for help (not themselves) who got them past the crisis – thus they begin to follow that deity.
I don’t agree with it but it’s a free country.

creatrix, PJR

Desperation? I’m not trying to write off people’s conversions or anything, but I imagine that you cling to whatever hope you can find if you are in a serious crisis.

Griffin's Girl :-)

Desperation can do things to a person. It’s not a bad thing. Go with it. God bless.


I think it is more the fact that our daily repetitive lives close our minds to the spiritual.

The Dunce

I don’t think that crisis is a necessary and sufficient condition for discovering spirituality or spiritual engagement. For those in crisis who turn inward, psychological jargon: become intuitive, which means to look inside yourself, these people are likely to see previously unknown or unaware-of mind functions. Going intuitive could reveal the inner workings of the mind that a person before crisis was unaware It is something like entering a huge mansion that you have never seen before. There are lots of doors, rooms, hallways and closets. There are two doors that lead to corridors that link to other mansions (minds, and the Divine) these are the areas of the mind that you want to discover. I suspect it is a lost gnostic art. Believe it or not, we are capable of knowing each others thoughts — both ends of the hallway have to be open. The same goes for the Divine. A person in crisis, searching for answers, is more likely to inadvertently open one of these mind functions than someone having a great time in life. It is really a cool thing. Funny sometimes too — especially when a person is thinking about private stuff, and they don’t know you can hear their thoughts. I’ve almost said a few times, “You should be careful what you are thinking when I am around.” Anyway, don’t expect much at first, but with some people, they will come in loud and clear.


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