Home Discussion Forum Spiritually Surveying: Did you know that "stoned has several meanings"?

Spiritually Surveying: Did you know that "stoned has several meanings"?

Stoned: Committing some grievance against the current religious standards can cause others to throw stones at the evildoer until they finally are killed. The term of being “stoned” to death.
Stoned: Consuming mega doses of opiates and other mind bending pharmaceuticals by some people; the term “stoned” meaning that their brain function resembles the mentality of a rock( a stone).
Stoned: Again another meaning. This refers to the stillness of a person, in some cases they are having a spiritual awakening, a near death experience or “oops” they’re dead and no one noticed.
Do you have any other “Daffy-Nitions” on the term, “Stoned”?


  1. stoned.
    To attempt some poorly thoughtout comic scheme involving high speeds on a rocky terrain. The scheme then fails, causing the atemptee to fly down say bumpy terrain until or or she comes into contact with a rather large boulder.
    v. “Wild E. Cyotee got stoned when he attempted to use rocket skies to catch up with the roadrunner while skiing down the bumpy dessert terrain.”

  2. Some people when they are so sure that their secrets will always stay secret then you reveal to them all their secret in details they would have that numb face shocked and in a daze all their senses get shut-down like a stoned-creatures they don’t even have the energy to say a word…( tapes and pictures usually do the tricks)


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