spiritually speaking, would you say that reality is actually the creation of the subconscious mind?

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in other words, is reality just a dream and the subconscious your true life? i mean, the subconscious is so vast and powerful, and the conscious mind is only a fraction of what we see. would proof of this be that my cats seem to think that they accomplished more in their 16 hours of sleeping than i did in my 16 hours awake?

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Don’t walk off the edge of any tall buildings to test your theory.


I was with you until the “my cats seem to think” part. Could we dwell upon that little statement for a while before I really consider whether conscious and subconscious is referring to you or to your cats?


No. If a tree falls in the woods with no one around, it still makes a sound.

Blame Amy

You should cuff yourself to your bedpost and stick a camera on you as you sleep to find out. That would be ….interesting.


Yes 😉
Blessings of Love and Humour to you 🙂

Lord prince of darkness kingdom

Yes , Reality is the creation of the mind .
the subconscious mind .

hail to the persian cat empire

haven’t you seen the movie vanilla sky.


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