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Spiritually speaking, where did all of the energy in the universe come from?

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can’t be created nor destroyed and that the total amount of energy in the universe is constant. So where did this energy come from?


  1. You forgot the ‘in a closed system’ part at the end of that law, and no-one’s claiming that. Nor are they claiming that energy can’t be introduced into the system in the beginning of the hypothesis, i.e. the Big Bang.
    nice try, but no cigar.

  2. Claim CF101:
    The first law of thermodynamics says matter/energy cannot come from nothing. Therefore, the universe itself could not have formed naturally.
    Formation of the universe from nothing need not violate conservation of energy. The gravitational potential energy of a gravitational field is a negative energy. When all the gravitational potential energy is added to all the other energy in the universe, it might sum to zero (Guth 1997, 9-12,271-276; Tryon 1973).

  3. That’s what scientist are trying to figure out.
    At least they don’t say, “because God made it like that” for every single question.

  4. that is god my brother, thats all you will find in evidence of god, spirit cannot be judged from a physical perspective, physical world is an affect of spiritual world, its in the image.
    and they are one, we are body, mind, and spirit, and our mental world is inbetween the teo, and the only way we can know god

  5. There is a flaw in your question. It assumes that the Law of Thermodynamics doesn’t have an Author. The Law is true. And it applies to the Universe. All of it. But God is outside the Universe. He is outside of Creation. The Law of Thermodynamics (1) applies to a Universe which has been spoken into existence from nothing. The total sum of Energy and Matter is thus fixed at the issuance of the Law and the Law as such applies to this static Universe.

  6. I wish i could tell you as I feel it by feeling and the best I can describe is the law of infinite numbers and when you understand beginnings all we can know is the process is infinite and that it takes higher understanding to even know it as not one mystic on this planet has said anything different than what I have said (as far as i know)


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