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Spiritually Speaking, What is Red Tantra?


  1. It is *making love* We make love when we walk in the grass with our bare feet, admire a tree with our eyes and everything that has to do with our senses. Everything in the universe is in intercourse with everything else, Red Tantra by starting with the weaving of male and female energies together through sacred sex brings this fact back into our consciousness, not so much that it left but that is has been covered over with concepts, in Tantra experience and not so much words is the most important. So Red Tantra is a weaving of ourselves back into the fabric of reality. `O and what a beautiful weaving together reality really is!

  2. Dances with Kali is right.
    Just like Red Majick the Red Tantra has to do with love, romance, sensuality, the experience of it, the emotional and energy transference of it, the expression of it. The color of red, in many cultures, is used to show heightened emotion and consciousness. Usually used as the expression of love, passion, endearment, but with these also comes war, conflict, anger, which are all expressed by the color red. One can cause the other but if in balance, will never outweigh the other.
    The Red Tantra is not only a sexual Tantra but an heightened emotion and senses Tantra that combines two or more energies to become a part of the One energy.


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