Spiritually speaking, what do you think of astrology?





Also, what do you think of tarot card readings?


  1. As a practitioner of both, they are fascinating and useful tools in the hands of someone with the training and skill/gifts to understand and use them.
    To a charlatan, they are weapons used to rob people of their hard earned cash.

  2. I think it’s for fun, and doesn’t tell you anything you didn’t already believe was true. That is to say, whatever the interpretations are, they can always seem relevant to someone who wants them to be. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a tool to help a person listen to their own heart and recognize their own needs, like journaling or meditation. The cards and/or readings in themselves have no power. They tell you nothing. The power is all in the person seeking, as is the interpretation. The problem arises when you pay money to someone because you believe they have magical powers of future sight, instead of looking into yourself. If you do that, if you give your trust to a stranger that way, you will be scammed.

  3. It is real. I do think there are people out there who make the whole thing up and totally bs their way through it, but there are some who actually have been given power to do these things.
    I believe it is wrong. The power comes from the devil. The Bible says not to go to fortune tellers or do any of that kind of stuff.

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