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Spiritually speaking, the pineal gland?

If it is removed, does that eliminate religious delusion
(the belief in a ‘relationship’ with a deity, for example)?
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Bianca: Any empirical evidence to support
your assertions? if not, it’s a delusion.
Spiritual Path: I am aware of DMT. Say a technological implant is placed where a former pineal gland was, serving the same function, with some but not all effects of the DMT release. Do you think that would help or hinder the survival of the species? this is merely hypothesis.
Bianca: the Bible? seriously? fictitious writings of wealthy priests siphoning off other civilizations is your evidence of this ‘relationship’? you’ve got to be kidding me.
LJM: Rejection of a fictional character has no bearing on an individual’s spirituality unless they are indoctrinated/conditioned to believe such. As seems to be the case with you. The mind always functions, there is no evidence of a ‘spirit’, it’s not delusional to be a thinking individual. I never claimed to be ‘saved’ or ‘used to be saved’, nor do I rely on Christianity for a supposed spiritual ‘salvation.’ Denying the religion/works, that gave you the faith/grace/relationship, equates to ‘salvation’? right, okay. That made no sense.
swn: the gland is part of the brain (connection with the body, by extent the mind).
RDRTW: I spoke nothing about evolution vs. creationism. That non-sequitor was very unnecessary.
LJM: I know I’m in R&S, and I’m fully aware with what I placed at the beginning of my question. ‘Spiritually’ doesn’t by default equate to a belief in ‘spirits.’ Also, your persistence in calling me delusional is getting you no where. I’m not the one that lives off the Bible here, you are.


  1. um… i’m not sure how it would hold any effect over one’s beliefs…
    pineal gland
    a small, cone-shaped endocrine organ in the posterior forebrain, secreting melatonin and involved in biorhythms and gonadal development.

  2. Nope because my relationship isn’t built upon delusion. It is built upon love and having the Holy Ghost dwelling with in my heart.
    EDIT My evidence is in my life and the Bible I don’t need to prove it to you. The fact that I am not who I was before I really knew Christ and God revealed himself to me is enough. You can’t understand it I didn’t until I accept Jesus into my Heart.

  3. You may be familiar with the psychotropic drug Ayahuasca that for centuries has been used by shamans in the Amazon to induce heightened consciousness and a connection with the spirit realms.
    This drug (deriving from the bark of a particular tree) contains a compound called DMT. DMT is naturally secreted from the pineal gland at two stages of a human’s life – birth and death – allowing a deeply spiritual connection with all that is in life. It is believed that people who have had a near-death experience also had a secretion of DMT.
    DMT release is not the sole function of the gland, however, so I wouldn’t recommend its removal.

  4. No not at all. No more then say… removing the crucial evidence needed to prove evolution would take away people’s faith in magical morphing monkey grandparents.
    You take your monkey daddy and I’ll take my just and merciful God and we will see who ends up happiest in the end.

  5. The idea of “dualism” is very old and quite understandable. Dualism states that humans must have both a physical nature and a spiritual nature, which is of course what most religious people believe. How are these two natures connected or in communication. It has been suggested that the pineal gland somehow “connects” the spirit with the body. If we were to try your experiment we would find that the victim would not only lose his relationship with “belief” but also with being alive since the pineal gland is deeply involved in our physical life.
    Naive empiricists would like to be able to find some part of the brain in which religious belief “resides” but I think they will eventually realize that no matter how well we “map” the brain, we will never find a simple correspondence between brain functions and “mind” in its broadest sense. The brain is far more plastic (adaptable) than it was and still is thought to be.

  6. Spirituality is a function of the SPIRIT. To eliminate the function of the spirit; all you need to do is reject Jesus Christ. (thus you will remain spiritually dead). However, it is possible for us to allow our minds to attempt to function in place of our spirit (delusion) in which case we may ‘think’ we are saved only to reach a point of realization that we are not (people who say they ‘used to be’ saved). FYI: there is a difference between religion and relationship. Ephesians 2:8,9 tells us that we are saved by Grace through faith and not of our works. Works represent religion; Grace represents our faith.

  7. Pineal gland? There has never been any factual evidence that the pineal gland has such functions (connecting body to mind).


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