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Spiritually speaking, my girlfriend who never shuts up keeps asking me why I don't want to see her tonight….?

It’s like some sort of “Spanish Inquisition”!

Could she be having a spiritual crisis or something, I’m asking because I really need to know? I just want to get together with my friends and watch the Yankee game. I mean, I only met this chick last Sunday and she’s all over me, wtf?
Did you not see the words “spiritually speaking”? This is a very deep spiritual problem I’m having here and I’d appreciate not being doubted, TIRH.
Bryan: may god smite you for that!


  1. spiritually speaking, why do people ask questions which have nothing to do w/ spirituality yet put ‘spiritually speaking’ in tfront of it?

  2. Maybe you’re just a hottie. Tell her that if she makes tamales and keeps your beer glass full during the game, you’ll have a spiritual experience with her afterward. gl

  3. Tell her that you have previous plans and can’t get together tonight. (unless you had already told her you were getting together tonight).
    If she’s this demanding after 1 week, it sounds like she has different expectations. You need to have a heart to heart with her and let her know that you enjoy being around her, but also need a break from time to time. If she cannot understand that, then you probably need to rethink whether you want to continue seeing her.

  4. Lie to her. Tell her you do want to see her, but you can’t because you’re
    watching the Yankee game with your Mates.
    I can tell you are deeply troubled, Spiritually speaking, that is, and this crazy needy bint can’t be helping much.So next time she asks you, tell her you dont mind seeing her at all, especially if she’s easy on the eye, and nekkid. Explain that it’s just her whiny, naggy wheedling voice that sets your teeth on edge, and ask her if she would kindly shut the f*ck up.
    BTW,TIRH, in case you didn’t know.

  5. LOL those men giggle like gremlins! Anywho, I hope you told her to STFU and make you a sandwich. Us wimmen are good at that.
    We’re always having some kind of crisis, you can’t possibly give a crap every single time.

  6. Get her to come over…use her as a beer wench and waitress all night…and then demand a head job while you watch the game.
    Unless she is a complete nut job…she’ll be out the door before half time (or whatever they have in baseball..it’s a cultural thing…I wouldn’t know)…and you’ll never hear from her again.
    And if she IS a complete nut job…you’ll get some action…and never have to miss a ball being thrown (or hit or whatever it is they do with their balls) …to refresh your beer or get more cold cuts.
    Win Win situation for you I would say.

  7. Just start masturbating. Works every time I promise. Unless she is Asian, in which case you can just slap her in the mouth and tell her to start cooking dinner. She will thank you for correcting her afterwards.


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